Volume 1. ‘Buonasera’


I hope all is well. My name is Caroline and I am currently a fourth year at Michigan Tech University. I am studying chemical engineering and decided to study abroad in Torino, Italy for the semester. My experience has been nothing short of incredible. I am very excited to share it with you.

Torino is a very historical, industrialized and clean city. It is not a tourist city. There is one metro line stretched across the city and plenty of bus and trams to connect the gird system. The city is located at the foot of the mountains in the Piedmont region. On a clear day, I can see the Italian alps from my roommates balcony. My blacony faces the hills of Torino that surprisingly have not had snow this winter. I live about an 8 minute walk from my school and a 15 to 20 minute metro ride to the city center. I am taking Italian 1, Italian 2, Italian Culture, Intercultural Communication, and Italian Cuisine. The Italian Cuisine class starts this week. Although the credit load is 15 credits, I have plenty of free time to explore the city during the week and time to travel on the weekends.

I am so happy I am not just visiting Torino for a few weeks. I am actually living here for four months. This way, I can completely immerse myself in the ‘dolce vita’-the sweet Italian life. I conveniently live down the street from a daily open air market on ‘Spezia’ street. I walk there about every other morning to get food for dinner and am excited to be recognized by the different booth owners.

This week has already been filled with many adventures. Yesterday, I met the brother and father of my PChem professor from Michigan Tech at their family owned cafe. The cafe has been in the family over 50 years!!!! The espresso was wonderful. I hope to stop by again soon. To make the day even better, the fog that consumed the entire city for the past week cleared so the sky was blue without a single cloud. I walked to the Santa Maria del Monte, a church on a hill that over looks the city, to see the alps surround the city.

‘Vini e Caffe’

Awkward Encounters: Arriving in Italy, I thought buonasera was a general greeting. Three weeks after getting a few odd looks and continuing to use buonasera for all times of the day, I realized it meant good evening. 😀

Thank you for reading my first post. If you ever have any travel suggestions or comments/questions just post them! I am traveling next to Naples, Pompeii and Capri.

Buonasera 😉 xoxo


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