Volume 2. A ‘Nice’ Trip


​The first weekend after moving to northern Italy, I decided to travel to Nice, France. I traveled by a surprisingly luxurious bus. The accommodation had wifi, outlets and a clean bathroom. We left at 8 and arrived by lunch time. Once in Nice, I discovered the gorgeous Mediterranean, (better know as the Côte d’Azur in the French Rivera). I first made a b-line for the port to grab lunch and scout out the yachts. 😍 I ended up eating at a lovely restaurant that (literally) caught a fish, grilled it and put it on my plate. 

After lunch, I decided to follow the road up the cliff​ that over looked the water. I saw a great view of the city. After walking along the road for bit, I stumbled upon a set of old steps that looked as it would go down to the water. Naturally, I was too curious to continue. I had to follow the path to see if it lead to the water. After hiking through numerous agave and cactuses, I finally made it down to the water. I climbed the rocks to be closer to the waves crashing against the shore, but it was so windy. I noticed another path leading the opposite direction- although over grown, it looked promising and I had nothing else planned so I followed it! The path had steps that would go up the side of the cliff then back down toward the water. A few hours and over eight miles later, the path ended. That night, I was so exhausted from the surprise hike I met a few friends for wine then went to bed early.

The next morning, I realized how much sweeter the French breakfast was compared to the italian breakfast. When I ordered espresso it came with an individually wrapped sugar cube (I ate it before taking a picture). That day, the weather did not hold out, but it did not stop me from exploring. I walked around the city, going to the more ‘touristy’ attractions including the art museum.  

My goal for the day was to find a lemon and orange tree, pick fruit and eat it! After spotting many orange, lemon and avocado trees, I was disappointed because they were all on private property. At my last stop to a park, we found it full of orange and lemon trees. I picked an orange to eat and a lemon to take home and cook with chicken for dinner. I am not entirely sure if what we did was legal..But eh.. all is well. 🙂 

It was so odd that after being in Italy a few days it was hard for me to switch to French. I kept saying “grazie”. It was as if my brain could not comprehend I was in France. Many people in Nice spoke decent English and were surprisingly nice to us Americans. Although, I don’t see how anyone could have a bad day in Nice… It is nice after all! If I lived there and had a bad day I’d just take a few moments to breathe looking at the water, magically it would make me happy again. 

I would love to go back to Nice, only this time with a bathing suit and more French. 😉

xoxo buonasera


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